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Slowinski National Park

Along the Baltic Coast of Northern Poland, in the Pomerania Region is the Slowinski National Park. It was founded to preserve beauty of the seaside coastline including lakes system, peat bogs, meadows and woods.  But the most important is to protect the most exceptional in Europe belt of moving dunes.  As they move along the Mierzeja Lebska (Lebska Spit), they uncover ancient tree stumps and the fossilized remains of forest once growing there.  

The area is famous for unique plants from dune grasses and coastal pinewoods to marsh plants.  The park is also home to rare bird species including the white-tailed eagle, the eagle owl, cormorant, the black stork, and many of the aquatic birds

This biosphere reserve provides over 105 miles of paved paths for hiking.   They offer visitors the chance to admire the dunes and the rolling waves of the Baltic Sea.  Climbing observation towers that dot the park gives even better vantage points.

The resort city of Łeba, found at the entrance to the Slowinski National Park, is a great spot for guests to spend the night before or after exploring the park. Łeba offers horseback riding right on the sand for a memorable time in Poland.

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