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Se-ma-for museum

The most significant Polish Museum of Fairy Tales is in Lodz. "Se-ma-for" is the place where the world can see our favourites like the Bear Uszatek, the Bear Colargol and the Penguin Pik-Pok. Today, "Se-ma-for" invites visitors to its museum, to see where their heroes "live", amongst pieces of scenery of the most iconic cartoons.The museum also has examples of old equipment used for the production of animated films by the stop-motion technique on display and information on how to make cartoons. The pride of "Se-ma-for" is the Oscar-winning Peter and the Wolf. The museum participates in the event "A Night at the Museum" and organises various workshops and crowds of volunteers come to classes titled "My Own Doll". Branches of the Museum of Fairy Tales can also be found around Poland and abroad. The image of the Bear Uszatek can be found on a dollar coin on the Pacific island of Niue, belonging to New Zealand, about which a small bear boasted to all and sundry on Piotrkowska Street in June 2010. www.se-ma-for.com

The Lodz Factory Museum is a great treat. Visitors can not only see the historical spinning and weaving machinery but also see how they work at the museum. The curators of the museum are former employees of the factory from whom many ultra-interesting bits of information can be gained about life at the factory. Children can see the road taken by cotton T-shirts from the field to the shop in the museum, which is the process of cotton production. Tickets are checked by a man on a tricycle. The velocipede at the ticket-office in Lodz is the only example of its kind in the world, which was specially designed for the factory. The invention can be dated back to the 19th century and has two large wheels at the back and one small one in front. The tricycle is the perfect complement to the offer of the Factory Museum and textile mills of Izrael Poznanski's empire. www.muzeumfabryki.com.pl

Matolek the Goat, of course, welcomes everyone at the gates of the European Centre of Fairytales in Pacanow. The museum is the meeting place of the fairy princess Sleeping Beauty and Snow White with the dwarfs, the Good Witch and the Evil Queen and Puss in Boots together with the Dark Sorcerer. Nobody will get bored during a class at the talisman workshop in Pacanow, at the balloon zoo, the folk workshop or the truffle production line, a fabulous therapy that has been prepared for stressed people. The Szkatulka Cinema operates at the Pacanow Centre and the host is Matolek the Goat flying in a helicopter! It is so magical in the capital of fairytales that it is necessary to book tickets in advance. www.stolica-bajek.pl
We would like to remind you that Matolek the Goat can write and now has his own e-mail address, ecb@pacanow.eu

A Goat is also the patron of the Kornel Makuszynski Museum in Zakopane as the author of the sympathetic traveller from Pacanow lived in Zakopane. The museum collection consists of successive editions of works by the author and also books about him. The Makuszynski Archive has a valuable collection of manuscripts and letters from his friends, among whom were other writers, painters and musicians. From the number of letters from readers, we can see the popularity of the author of "Satan in the seventh grade". In front of the museum in Villa Opolanka, visitors are greeted by the same Matolek the Goat. www.muzeumtatrzanskie.com.pl

Full speed ahead for a fairytale adventure!

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