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Chopin museum

Feel Chopin's music with all senses

The exhibition occupies four and a half floors of the beautifully restored seventeenth-century Ostrogski Palace, situated in the centre of Warsaw. In the baroque interiors, you can experience Chopin's genius through the latest multimedia technology. This is the first museum where music can be felt with all senses, not only by listening to it, but also by breathing in the smell of flowers or by admiring a play of lights changing with the music. You can watch films and see photos, listen to the music of this great Pole and turn the pages of the virtual manuscripts. There are no guides here — you can mark out your own path of visiting. Foreign guests have at their disposal different language versions.

Personal memorabilia

Surprise is another characteristic of this place. For instance, while contemplating the nineteenth-century parlour which resounds with Chopin's music, suddenly, the blissful mood is interrupted by coughing. In this way the exhibition designers wished to make visitors realise how much the disease that the composer suffered from and died of could bother him. One of the most moving places in the museum is the dark room devoted to Chopin's last moments before his death.

The museum houses the world's biggest collection of exhibits related to Fryderyk Chopin, including the original scores of his music, paintings, letters and personal memorabilia, such as the composer's priceless last piano and dried flowers from his death bed.

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