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Art and Artists in Zakopane Exhibition

The exhibition mainly presents the work of Zakopane's colony of artists but also the work of artists connected with Zakopane for whom The Tatra Mountains and the mountain culture are an important inspiration.

The Art and Artists in Zakopane Exhibition is based on the Tatra Museum's own collection, supplemented by a number of exhibits. It includes paintings, sketches, drawings, sculpture and photography as well as applied arts, billboards and posters.

There are works on display by Leon Wyczolkowski, Wojciech Weiss, Jan Rembowski, Rafal Malczewski, Stanislaw Galka and Jan Gasienica Szostak. There are also psychological portraits of Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz, sculptures by Konstanty Laszczyk, Wojciech Brzeg, Stanislaw Sobczak, Jan Szczepkowski and the students Wooden Art School as well as the works of Zofia Stryjenska, traditional blankets and lace, artistic wood-carving and many other exhibits.

More info at: www.muzeumtatrzanskie.pl/en

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