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The Staniszow Palace

Staniszow, thanks to its location and great care of the local residents, was claimed to be the most beautiful village in The Valley of Jelenia Gora until the end of the Second World War. The words of Isabela Czartoryska, who visited Staniszow on her way to Cieplice, can confirm that opinion: “... and then we went to Staniszow. The village belongs the earl Reuss, we found there the same taste we had been admiring in Grodna. The nature is beautiful and the location enchanting. Nothing has been spoiled and all that is handmade seems to be the work of Nature”.

There were 3 estates, which made up a dominion of Reuss line, with the abode in Upper Staniszow. The old line of Reuss descended from Saxony. Heinrich der Fromme von Weida was the progenitor of the line and the younger Reuss generation became the owners of Staniszow. The Palace was built in 1784-1787 on the earl Heinrich XXXVIII von Reuss initiative. The great location and a picturesque landscape park made the Palace one of the most beautiful estates in the Valley of Jelenia Gora. The park and forests occupied an area of 194 ha. In addition, there were artificial ruins of a nineteenth-century castle which contained a hunting room, an artificial grotto, a hermitage, hanging rocks, vast meadows and breathtaking views on Karkonosze and the Valley of Jelenia Gora. All of that changed the park into the most favorite place for trips for the villagers, the Palace’s guests and tourists who were staying in the area. The park itself, despite having been a private property, was incessantly opened for the guests from the outside.

The palace and park layout was thoroughly restored between 2005 and 2008. These works constituted one of the widest restorations of the palace complex in Poland. Not only had the former neo-Gothic palace regained its previous brilliance, but also all buildings of the old manor farm and the Romantic landscape park. The stable, granary, outhouse, coach house, and barn completely changed their original functions. Now they are the seats of an exclusive hotel including a conference room, recreation facilities, two restaurants, a café, wine bar, garden bar, tea room and offering 200 beds of various standards.

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