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Kurozwęki Palace

At the turn of next centuries the castle was rebuilt several times and given representative character finally to be converted at the end of the 18th century from an originally dwelling building with a defensive character into a Baroque and Classicistic residence. Presently you cannot miss the castle edifice located in the complex of park and palace with its richly decorated five-axle fa˜ade and galleried courtyard. It is worth visiting the interior of the Palace in Kurozwęki with its dungeons and stay for a night in its stylish chambers, hothouse or annex. A unique attraction is a herd of over 80 American buffaloes, which can be admired from the interior of “safari buffalo” carriage. Active leisure lovers may go horse-riding, cycling, play paint-ball or try a rope slide. There are also knight fights, artillery and ancient dancing show organized upon request.

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