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Czocha Castle

The castle was designed as a fortress in the 13th century. After centuries of political turbulence, followed by a fire which destroyed the castle in the 18th century, the construction was restored to its former glory, owing to ample funding. Thus, it became one of the most interesting landmarks of Lower Silesia. Unfortunately, aft er the Second World War, almost all the furnishings fell victims to looters. Nowadays, the impressive monumental stronghold is home to an elegant hotel and its historic interiors can be visited like any other museum. Knights' tournaments, dance shows, comedy acts and concerts organised here add to the appeal, along with a stylish café and a restaurant specialising in Polish cuisine. The castle grounds have also been used as the set for many feature films and documentaries. The castle's wine cellar hosts mead-tasting events, promoting this drink so strongly connected to the culture of old Poland and appreciated by gourmets.

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