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Upper Silesian Cultural Center

Upper Silesian Cultural Center was established in 1993. In this framework, there are four galleries: Gallery of Fine Arts, Gallery "Sector I", Gallery "upstairs" and Gallery "Blank".
The tasks of the Centre is the dissemination of culture, the promotion of artists and cultural education of young people. Held here literary meetings, lectures, work: Cultural Education Center and Chamber Music Scene.
Festival, "Jazz and Surrounding" - International Festival of New Improvised Music, and for 10 years during the summer (July - August) recurring cultural event titled: Summer Garden Theatre, where you can see the performances, take part in concerts and evenings cabaret.

Department promotion and advertising; information:
  • Monday - Friday 9:00 - 17:00
Tel: +48 (0) 32 609 03 22, tel. / fax 032 251 79 25
promocja@gck.net.pl, informacja@gck.net.pl

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Sejmu Śląskiego 2
40-032 Katowice
Latitude and Longitude: 50.2532635,19.0232279
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