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Glass and Ceramics Gallery

The gallery has 100 m2 area. It presents art glass, ceramics and applied art.

The Glass and Ceramics Gallery is the only gallery in Poland which presents exclusively the unique, artistic glass, both study and usable, as well as ceramics. What decides about the importance of that gallery is the position of Wroclaw, the city which is the most significant centre for artistic Glass and Ceramics in the whole country. Together with the Academy of Fine Arts from Wroclaw, the Glass and Ceramics Gallery co-organizes the “Szkło Młodych” and “Ceramika Młodych” - overviews of the most interesting artistic personalities among students and graduates of Glass and Ceramics Department at Academy of Fine Arts. Re- opened in a new location Glass and Ceramics Gallery, will continue its previous activity with contribution of young Polish artists as well as experienced artists with established renown in the country, and with cooperation with foreign galleries and artists.

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Kościuszki street 9/10
50-028 Wrocław
Latitude and Longitude: 51.103389,17.027442
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