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Figlo - Park

This place was founded in 2000 as the first year-round playground in our region.

It is an extraordinary and unique place of the developing child's motor skills and imagination.
All constructions: walls, floors and the playground is made of soft materials.
Figlo-Park is one of the larger halls play in Poland, its surface is 600 m2.

One part is a desk with a cloakroom, a room for groups, and position of the toilet with hairdryer.
The second part is a playroom with a separate place where there is a cafe as with the 60 seats.

At the same level there are slot machines type flippers, simulators (races), bujaczki.

The main elements of the playground is a Three-band construction of mazes and transitions, several meters slides open, tubular slides, ball pools, air jumping castle, huge foam blocks, ramps for climbing, rope ladders, walkways Vietnamese, equivalently, simian grove for younger children and many other attractions.

Monday - Sunday 9:00 - 20.00

localization-imgLocation Map

Cieszyńska 90
43-300 Bielsko-Biała
Latitude and Longitude: 49.816886986117,19.027290344238
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