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Doll & Actor Theatre of A.Smolik in Opole



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"Opolski Teatr Lalki i Aktora im.A.Smolika" warmly invites! Over there spectators may head for the unusual journey accompanied by beautiful literature and their imagination!!!

The theatre offers such spectacles as: -Book of Jungle (Księga Dżungli) - director: J.Bielunas -Baśniowy Salonik, Idziemy po Skarb - director: I.Maciejewski -Amelka, Bóbr i Król na dachu - director: J.Malinowski -Mr Scrooge - director: M.Pecko -"Pastorałki" - director: K.Kobyłka

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Plac Kopernika street 1
45-040 Opole
Latitude and Longitude: 50.680475,17.938394
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