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Demonstration Farm Bison Pszczyna


- Dzieci do lat 3 lat wstęp bezpłatny.

Only a few hundred meters from Old Town Pszczyna can meet ... bison. Such a possibility can visit the show pens Bison, which was founded in the historic park, part called Zwierzyniec. For nearly 10 hectares was built two farms, including infrastructure, including paśnikami, farmstead quarantine and food stores. Animals can be seen from the viewing platform on which people with disabilities can go lift. In the yard, next to the bison, you can still see moufflons, red deer, fallow deer and roe deer. A touring exhibition in the building of education refer to the flora and fauna Pszczyna. An unforgettable experience in the convention also prepared a three-dimensional film about the European bison. It is also worth a look to the tourist office, which offers a wide range of publications and souvenirs connected with the earth Pszczyńska and restaurants. Please visit the Bison demonstration pens. Direct contact with the king of the forest will stay long in the memory!

localization-imgLocation Map

Żorska 5
43-200 Pszczyna
Latitude and Longitude: 49.980150089789,18.931159973145
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