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Dance Club "Jama"

It perfectly meets disco expectations of our guests. Clubs interiors designed by artists give the impression of homeliness and are harbingers of great fun.

The best and safest disco in town, friendly service, traditional and original drinks, curious visitors.

One word of Club Jama "is a new quality among clubowych discos. Here's finest DJs, the clubbing, black music, hip-hop, house music in the years 60,70,80,90, everyone will find something for everyone.

Jednym słowem Club 'Jama'to nowa jakość wśród clubowych dyskotek. Tu grają najlepsi DJ, jest clubbing, czarna muzyka, hip-hop, house muzyka z lat 60,70,80,90, każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie.

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Myśliwska 30
43-370 Szczyrk
Latitude and Longitude: 49.7080689,19.0132503
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