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Roma Cinema is the oldest cinema in Silesia, which for 85 years, is a place of contact with the inhabitants of Zabrze art and culture from around the world.

Our cinema is a meeting place for lovers of the ambitious, whose main task is to force the viewer to their own thoughts. Through creative atmosphere devoid of lights, commercialism, allow a moment of reflection - we strive to make our movies do not give out the final solution, only accentuated the problem. Breaking boundaries and stereotypes, by presenting the real world by changing its image in the eyes of the viewer.
This does not mean that we cut ourselves from the production of Hollywood. We choose, however, those outside the special effects are also content. Often also show animated cartoons for children and adults. So if you like an intimate atmosphere, does not convince you, or you have a common cinematic fancy food for thought, welcome to Cinema ROMA.

Nasze kino jest miejscem spotkań miłośników kina ambitnego. Często również wyświetlamy bajki animowane dla dzieci i dla dorosłych. Jeżeli więc lubisz kameralny klimat, nie przekonuje Cię pospolita kinematografia bądź masz ochotę do przemyśleń, zapraszamy do Kina ROMA.

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Padlewskiego 4
41-800 Zabrze
Latitude and Longitude: 50.30392397031,18.786664009094
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