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Poznań is a delightful city found in the west-central part of the country. As one of Poland’s oldest cities, there is plenty for tourists to discover here, from the ancient to the modern. With over 60,000 students, Poznań is also a university town. This means it not only has all the academic and cultural institutions that come along with a university but plenty of bars and clubs to keep everyone entertained.


Poznań’s Old Market Square is the third-largest in Poland and provides many exciting sights to see, such as the colorful 16th-century merchant houses. You won’t get the full effect of the European market life if you don’t stop for a coffee in one of the cafes here!


About one-fifth of the city is covered in greenery. Nature lovers will find plenty to do in and around the city. You’ll find the Morasko Meteorite Reserve, where you can see firsthand craters that were created by meteorites. Wielkopolska Natural Park and the thousand-year-old oaks of Rogalin are all nearby. You can observe thousands of tropical plants, reptiles, and fish at the Palm House. Poznań also has a zoo, which is an excellent place for families to visit.


The city has four large lakes within its borders, making it a great place to enjoy watersports and recreation. A yearly regatta takes place on the grand Malta Lake. There is also a summer festival called the Malta Festival, which features big names in music and dance. An artificial ski slope gives visitors a chance to ski even in the middle of the summer. If you visit in December, Poznań is a host to one of the most sizable and lively Christmas markets in Poland.


Poznań is known for hosting some of the major trade fairs. If you’re planning to visit the city, it’s a good idea to reserve your hotel room far in advance if your stay coincides with one of these fairs. Most of the shows take place during the summer, transforming the city’s winter tranquility into a lively, bustling place to visit.


In the 9th century, Mieszko I Castle Palacium was the very first Polish Christian temple. The island of Ostrow Tumski, located in between the Warta and Cybina Rivers, holds an essential role in the history of Poland and is undoubtedly worth a visit. The Gothic Cathedral on Ostrow Tumski has ornate decorations and beautiful artwork that leave a lasting impression on all who visit.


Poznań’s Town Hall building is now the home to the city’s historical museum, which spans a period dating back to the 10th century. Also, check out the Imperial Castle, which was once home to Kaiser Wilhelm II and is now a cultural theater. The Museum of Musical Instruments showcases instruments from all over the world, from the mainstream to the more obscure, including an impressive supply of instruments made in Poland. Another interesting specialty museum is the Ethnographic Museum, which has garnered a lot of attention for its exhibition of Polish folk costumes.


Military enthusiasts will enjoy a visit to Citadel Park. This area combines the greenery and serenity of a traditional park with military-related monuments and museums. Inside a former Prussian fort is the Museum of Armaments. You can also find memorials such as the Bell of Peace, the Soviet Obelisk, and a few military cemeteries.

The months between May and September are the best times to visit Poznań if you’re looking for ideal weather. However, wintertime around Christmas is a fun season to visit as well. You’ll find it’s less crowded if you come during spring or fall, but even at the height of tourist season, the crowds in Poznań don’t reach uncomfortable levels.


In 2019 Poznań was listed at #5 on the Best Travel Destinations in Europe list. To find out more about this and other events in Poznań, please visit the official travel portal www.poznań.travel.

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