Poznan is the historical capital of Greater Poland — a region in central-western Poland. It carries many ages of tradition, reaching back to the 10th century, and the beginnings of the Polish nation. As a modern and vibrant European city, Poznan retains its historical grace with classical period architecture and colorful old town. Poznan is the center of industry, trade, logistics, and business tourism. The city is a host of the annual Poznan International Fair — Poland's oldest and largest event of this type. In 2019 Poznan was voted fifth best city on the Best European Travel Destinations list. 

Poznan is a delightful city found in the west-central part of the country. As one of Poland’s oldest cities, there is plenty for tourists to discover here, from the ancient to the modern.
Welcome to Poznan, a beautiful and fascinating city, where history intertwines with modern times in an unusual way.
Poznan has a charming Old Town. The streets all meet in the Old Square where the Renaissance Town Hall proudly overlooks the area.
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