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Considered the spiritual capital of Poland, this southern city is the country’s most popular pilgrimage site. With a rich religious, cultural, and industrial history, it has plenty to offer tourists and pilgrims alike.  

From the inspirational shrine of Our Lady of Jasna Góra, to the stunning architecture of religious and historic landmarks, and a rich calendar of arts and music events, Częstochowa is a popular daytrip from Krakow as well as a holiday destination in its own right 

Find out more and plan your trip to Częstochowa today.  

Częstochowa highlight: Jasna Góra 

Millions of visitors come to Częstochowa each year, attracted by the Jasna Góra monastery complex, one of the most beautiful monasteries in Eastern Europe.  

Considered the holiest place in Poland, Jasna Góra has outstanding religious and historic importance. The complex includes the Chapel of Our Lady, which houses the famous ‘Black Madonna’ painting, as well as a Baroque cathedral and grounds.  

The Black Madonna 

The Black Madonna painting is the focus of any visit to Jasna Góra. Said to have been painted by Luke the Evangelist, it is thought to have been painted in the 14th century. The painting has been credited with numerous military successes, including the defeat of Swedish forces at Jasna Góra in 1655 and the victory in the Battle of Vienna in 1683. 

Featuring the Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus, the painting is unveiled to visitors daily, to a special musical accompaniment called the ‘royal intrada’. Check the unveiling times to make sure you don’t miss out on seeing this sacred artwork.  

Oscar-nominated foreign language film 

The Polish film – The Deluge – directed by Jerzy Hoffman was Oscar-nominated in 1974 and is the third highest ranking Polish film of all time. Set during the Swedish invasion of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the 1650s, it recounts the defeat of the Swedish invaders.  

Director Hoffman received special permission from the general of the Pauline Order to shoot the famous scene of the uncovering of the Black Madonna in front of the original painting, not a copy. The intrada fanfare can be heard in the background.  

The Chapel of our Lady of Częstochowa 

The Black Madonna is housed in the Jasna Gora monastery chapel. The somewhat unassuming exterior of the chapel belies the inspirational interior.  

Stunning frescos adorn the walls and ceiling of the chancel, which is hung with chandeliers. Ornate statues glisten in white, gold and silver against the dramatic dark ebony alter.  

Visitors are welcome to attend mass, which is held daily.  


The fortified 14th century monastery complex dominates Częstochowa’s skyline from its hilltop perch at the end of Ill Aleje, a tree-lined avenue bordered by two parks.  

The iconic steeple – the tallest in Poland - can be seen from across the city. If you’re feeling fit, why not scale the 519 steps and check out the view from the top.   

A clock tower overlooks the complex. Every 15 minutes, the 36 bells play hymns about the Blessed Virgin Mary or, depending on the season, Christmas carols and Easter songs. 


The monastery was heavily fortified in the 17th century to protect it from attack and the ramparts, arsenal with cannons are still in place to explore today.  

The armoury building is a reminder that the shrine had to defend itself from enemy attacks many times in its history, including a raid by Hussites who cut the painting so badly it had to be repainted. 


You can also explore a collection of Polish national treasures in the Museum of the 600th Anniversary of Jasna Góra.  

The museum includes: 

  • three of the twelve dresses decorating the miraculous image 
  • a collection of instruments of the Jasna Góra Ensemble that played music during the liturgy at the shrine from the 17th century 
  • the monastery’s foundation deeds 

Things to see in Częstochowa

Częstochowa is a former industrial-powerhouse turned cultural hub. Its rich mining and manufacturing history is explored in a number of interesting museums, whilst the legacy of its philanthropic industrialists can be seen in the vibrant cultural community in the town.  

Whether you want to soak up some culture or just soak up the sun, Częstochowa has plenty to offer.  

Take a walk along the avenue  

The 2km Aleje Najświętszej Maryi Panny (Avenue of the Blessed Virgin Mary) used to connect old and new Częstochowa.  Leading up to Jasna Gora, it is part of the pilgrimage route through the city.  

Bordered with parks, cafes and historic townhouses built by local industrialists, it is the perfect way to walk explore pretty Częstochowa 

Look out for photo opportunities on the bench / statues dedicated to actor Marek Perepeczko, who died in Częstochowa, and poet Halina Poświatowska, who was born in the city. 

If you’re out and about in Częstochowa on foot, the Wieza Babel mural and National Remembrance Square are also popular with sightseers.  

Relax in parks and playgrounds  

Staszic Park and 3 May Park cover almost 12 hectares between them and are home to more than 1,500 specimens of trees. Bordering either side of the pedestrianised Ill Aleje, they have fountains, play parks and pavilions to explore. Take your tennis racket if you fancy a match. 

Staszic park is also home to a number of visitor attractions including: 

  • the Astronomical Observatory – a multimedia attraction for children and teenagers 
  • the only model peasant homestead in Poland 
  • the Museum of Iron Ore Mining 

Take in a concert  

Osrodek Promocji Kultury, Gaude Mater is the town’s centre for culture and music. It hosts a regular programme of concerts and art exhibitions, including summer concerts, European folk culture days and the World Congress of Czestochowa.  

They also co-organise the International Festival of Sacred Music in May, alongside the Bronislaw Huberman Philharmonic, who perform at the Philarmonca of Częstochowa. 

Learn about the city’s heritage 

Częstochowa’s museums reflect the rich industrial, political, and religious heritage of the city. 

The Museum of Iron Ore Mining is a unique underground experience in subterranean tunnels dug below Staszic Park in the seventies. The exhibition explores the centuries-old tradition of ore mining that is characteristic of this region of Poland.  

Meanwhile the Museum of Match Production is the only one of its kind in Europe. Visitors can learn about match making (not the romantic kind) , as well as see an exhibition of vintage matchboxes and match art.  

The match museum is part of the Śląskie Province Industrial Monuments Route – which takes in over thirty industrial sites in the region – as is the Museum of Railway History in the Częstochowa station building. 

Other museums include:  

  • the Museum of the 600th Anniversary of Jasna Góra – see above 
  • House of Poetry – dedicated to the lyrical poet, Halina Poświatowska 
  • Ratuzc (town hall) – featuring local history and art exhibitions  

Explore churches and cemeteries 

Częstochowa is home to a large number of churches, as you might expect in such a devout region. Notable places to visit include: 

  • the Cathedral Basilica of the Holy Family – a beautiful red-brick neo-gothic cathedral 
  • St Sigmund’s Church – the oldest parish church in Częstochowa 
  • St Barbara’s Church – noted for its part in the Hussite desecration of the Black Madonna 

Częstochowa also has a rich Jewish heritage and the Jewish cemetery, set in woodland with overgrown greenery and tumbledown tombstones, is a popular and evocative place to visit.  

Events and festivals in Częstochowa 

The Gaudemater is the most famous event in Częstochowa. Fittingly, for one of Poland’s holiest places, this is an annual Festival of Sacred Music. Held each year in May, it also includes an international competition for young composers.  

 Other events include: 

  • the Bach family music festival  
  • the annual ‘Night of Culture’ 
  • the Frytka OFF-jazz festival of alternative culture 
  • the Hip Hop Elements Festival 
  • the Retro Festival 
  • Summer Chill 
  • the Aleje – Tu Się Dzieje summer street event 

For more information, please visit the official Częstochowa website.

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