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Manufaktura in Łódź is the biggest shopping, service, and entertainment center in Poland. It is situated in the center of Łódź, enclosed by Zachodnia, Ogrodowa, Drewnowska, and Karskiego Streets.

The surface of the whole center includes refurbished and revitalized monumental building development and a spacious market square. The market holds an ice rink in the winter and a spacious beach in the summer. There is also over 300-yards long (the longest in Europe) fountain in which the water dances to the rhythm of music. Approximately 200 million Euros was spent to construct the shopping center which actually is a new part of town.

The center was built based on the structures created by Izrael Poznański, a textile magnate from Łódź. In thirty years, since 1871, on a surface equal to 27 soccer fields, a complex of weaving and spinning mills and auxiliary plants was constructed. In the shadow of the textile industry, which dominated in the city, several branches of heavy industry also developed: a department of machine repair and construction, ironworks, a foundry, a locomotive shed, gas-works, a fire station, storehouses, railway siding, and finally the counting-house of the factory, housing for workers and the factory owner’s residence. Not too long ago an industrial city, today an entertainment and shopping center.

The revitalization which lasted a total of five years covered a dozen or so halls and post-production buildings. While rebuilding the old factory, the architects tried to preserve the old atmosphere of the place. At the same time, most modern equipment was used to remodel the old red walls. The old five-story cotton spinning mill at Ogrodowa Street is the most often photographed site. It originally erected in 1877-78, as one of the first buildings of the plant. In 2008, it became a very stylish four-star Vienna House Andel’s Łódź hotel.  The main shopping gallery made of glass and steel contrasts with the old building development.

Manufaktura, apart from world-famous and renowned Polish brands, offers a wide range of attractive services. Practicing sports in the entertainment and recreation center is possible. On top of this a skate park, “roll arena,“ bowling alley, fitness club and an artificial climbing wall with 28 starting points are located here. After all the physical effort a huge cinema is at your disposal.

The cultural complex is even more intriguing and distinguishes Manufaktura from other shopping malls around the world. A branch of the Art Museum and the Museum of the City of Łódź are found there. Naturally, the building located mostly in the monumental buildings of the highest value is the Factory Museum. Children and adults may give into the passion of discovering in the “Experymentatorium“ – a small but interactive museum of technique. Both ladies in the International Centre of Fashion Promotion and Gentlemen in the Car Centre will find something for themselves. Shopping and visiting may be interrupted for a moment to have a meal in one of the 20 restaurants.

There are a total of 306 shops. The internal Rzemieślnicza Street is extremely interesting. In the street, little stalls and antique stores may be found and most importantly workshops of Polish craftsmen who masterfully perform work which is starting to disappear elsewhere in the world.

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