The name of the King's Road (Via Regia) derives from the coronation and welcoming processions which travelled along this road towards the Wawel Hill, when Polish kings visited Cracow. The same road was also taken by royal funeral processions. Therefore, it became a route of both joy and sadness, hosting many important events in the history of Poland.

The key points of the King's Road are (in order):

  • St. Florian's Basilica
  • St. Florian's Gate
  • Floriańska Street
  • Town Square
  • Grodzka Street, Senacka Street, Kanoniczna Street
  • the Wawel Hill

When taking this route, it is also worth paying special attention to:

  • The Barbican
  • The legendary Michalik Pit,
  • the home of Jan Matejko
  • St. Mary's Church with its famous altar by Wit Stwosz (Veit Stoss), the Church of St. Wojciech
  • Wierzynek restaurant, commemorating the organizer of the famous Wierzynek Feast
  • Church of Saints Peter and Paul, and Church of St. Andrew
  • the Wawel Cathedral

When sightseeing at the Wawel Hill, the following tourist attractions are a must:

  • the Cathedral with Tombs of the Kings
  • Sigismund's Tower with five bells, including the famous Sigismund Bell
  • King's Representative Chambers
  • A collection of approximately thirty sixteenth century tapestries of Sigismund II Augustus
  • Crown Treasury and Armoury, containing the famous coronation sword of the Polish kings – Szczerbiec
  • The legendary Dragon's Pit

This route will help you memorize key Cracow tourist sites, as it gives you an outline of the town's history, and an insight into its unique character.

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