Larger and smaller pieces of amber – fossilized resin of coniferous trees growing 40 million years ago –end up on the shore as the tide rolls in. The seaside city Gdańsk is the true capital of amber. It is home to the Amber Museum, where both old and contemporary works of distinguished designers are presented. The Museum’s multimedia exhibition takes its visitors to an amber forest, letting them indulge in the perfume of amber oil scent, and take part in an amber jewelry fashion show. Every year, Gdańsk hosts the International Fair of Amber, Jewelry and Gemstones “Amberif.” Amber jewelry in all price ranges can be purchased around the country in jewelers’ boutiques, galleries and souvenir markets.

The most famous, chic boutiques and galleries selling amber of all shapes and sizes are in Gdańsk. They are collectively known as the “Fifth Avenue of Amber.”

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