Gdansk and Tricity

Gdansk by night

Baltic Poland is loaded with history and charm. The Tri-city Area of Gdansk, Sopot, and Gdynia showcase some of Poland’s best features. These cities give visitors a taste of Poland’s natural beauty, arts and culture, interesting history, enterprising spirit, and impressive beaches all in one place. This makes it the ideal vacation site for tourists who want to try to experience as many different sides of Poland as possible.
In all three cities, travelers can enjoy relaxing on the sandy beaches with their healing salty air. Water sports are a possibility for those looking for a more active holiday. One thing that makes the beaches here unique is the prevalence of amber on the shores. The local shops are also full of handcrafted amber items to bring home as souvenirs. You can also opt to take sea cruises from any of the ports to enjoy the view of the Baltic Coast from the sea itself.
Visitors can get a taste of traditional Polish cuisine throughout the Tri-city area, but seafood lovers will be particularly delighted with the offerings here. There is a heavy emphasis on fish and local specialties include cod, herring, salmon, and flounder.

Gdansk dates back thousands of years. It is widely believed to be one of Poland’s most beautiful cities, with its seaside charm and atmospheric Old Town district. The area of Dluga (Long) Street and the Dlugi Targ (Long Market) is packed with interesting sights, sounds, and tastes that are sure to please all types of travelers. You can visit the iconic Neptune Fountain, an impressive Archaeological Museum, and Poland’s largest church, St. Mary’s. The Gdansk harbor is so beautiful it almost seems unreal. You can walk around and marvel at the boats or hop on board one yourself and head to one of the other nearby port cities where other adventures await.

Sopot is a spa resort town nestled at the halfway point between Gdansk and Gdynia, just a few miles away from each of these other two Tri-city locales. The spas and sanatoriums here take advantage of the abundant local natural resources to help guests heal their bodies and renew their spirits. Sopot has the longest wooden pier in all of Europe, stretching out some 1676 feet into the Baltic. From the end of the pier, the views of the coastline are quite remarkable. This is a relaxing place to take a long stroll and also an incredible vantage point for water sports such as sailing competitions and triathlons.
The landmark Grand Hotel in Sopot is a 5-star hotel and resort that has hosted a long list of famous names. The Opera Lesna, or “Forest Opera”, is another noteworthy spot. This open-air theater in the middle of a forested area has been the home to operas and concerts as well as the Sopot International Song Festival. Monte Cassino Street, dotted with fountains and Art Deco buildings, is the best place to find historic churches, fashionable boutiques, and charming eateries.

Gdynia is a great place to go for shopping, entertainment, and unforgettable scenery. Beachgoers and sailors are attracted to its unusually long and accessible shoreline. A great way to pass several hours or even the whole day is by strolling along the shores and admiring the gigantic boats docked at the many marinas here. The Maritime Museum and Aquarium is packed with enough interesting history and sea life to pass the entire day if you wish. The upscale Batory combines high-end shopping with modern architecture. The Blyskawica destroyer is a floating museum that is very popular with tourists. You can board the ship and learn about its fascinating history. Military aficionados will appreciate the Naval Museum and its displays of helicopters and fighter planes. Be sure to check out the unforgettable views of the city and the harbor from the top of Stone Hill.

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