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Białystok: a multi-cultural melting pot

For centuries, the town’s inhabitants have been forming a lively mosaic of religions and languages. Like nowhere else in the world, the domes of Orthodox churches harmoniously co-exist with Roman Catholic church spires. Living next to one another, Poles, Ruthenians, Jews, Tartars, and the Romani peoples inspired Ludwik Zamenhof, the inventor of the universal language, Esperanto. The Branicki Palace, one of the most stunning Baroque residences in Central Europe, is considered the gem of the town’s historical heritage. The gardens which surround the palace are among the best-preserved garden complexes in  Poland. Białystok’s setting brings to mind ancient Rome, as it, too, was founded on seven hills. The city hosts many music festivals, just like the outdoor event called “Pozytywne Wibracje” (“Good Vibrations”).

Please visit the official Białystok travel portal for more information.

There is plenty to see and do in this majestic Polish city.  

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