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Traveling by Bus

You can travel to Poland by bus using one of the many international firms, such as Eurolines, Eurobus, Orbis Transport, Euro-Trans and many others.

You can reach most small towns in Poland by bus using the local buses and all the towns are linked by long distance bus companies. The Polish national bus company is PKS. Many long distance routes are served by Polski Express. Most of the major bus terminals are in the center of towns. Tickets are bought at the bus station or for a slightly higher price from the driver of your bus.

There are also many small, private bus companies which use micro-buses on special routes. To get to some of the really small towns and villages or more isolated parts of the country these small micro-buses are the only mode of transport. The micro-buses can be found near bus stations and railway stations and you buy your ticket from the driver.

Main European connections

You will have no problems finding connections by bus to Poland from abroad. The larger cities and towns (Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Gdańsk and many others) are on European international routes with many good European connections.

There are direct buses with no stops from cities in Europe to Polish cities or you can choose companies which have several stops along the route. The choice is very large and really depends on your travel options and choice of prices. There are an increasing amount of bus companies today which stop in the smaller towns in Poland.

Poland is connected by bus to many countries and you can choose your starting point from: Belgium, Bulgaria Czech Denmark, France, Greece, Morocco, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine, UK, Italy.


The prices of bus tickets in Poland are much the same as those of train tickets. Young people and students can have reductions if they have a student or identity card. Micro-buses are frequent between the smaller towns and fares here are very competitive when compared to the regular bus lines.

Ticket Prices

Ticket prices vary a lot and are dependent on which line is chosen, the route and our objectives. Tickets are valid for one way trips only. If there are changes en route a new ticket has to be bought for each bus. Tickets are bought at the ticket office with the specific date and time of the route for that day and the company you travel with.

For a reduction in the fare ask at the ticket office if there are any special prices or lower prices. For a trip from the south to the north of Poland, from the mountains to the sea, and depending on the company, the price is in the region of 60 to 100 zł. From central Poland to other towns, for example, Krakow about 40 to 50 zł.

Where to buy the tickets

Tickets are best bought at the ticket sales windows at the bus station. It is possible to buy from the driver but remember if there is a large demand for seats those passengers with tickets bought at the bus station have priority.

Transporting animals and bicycles

Tickets have to be bought for animals traveling with passengers. Check at the bus station before traveling. There are sometimes problems with transporting bicycles especially when the bus is busy.

Taking animals by bus to other parts of Europe.

The regulations of the European Union as adhered to by Poland state that our four legged friends have to have a ‘passport’ when traveling to other member states. This does not affect all animals, only dogs, cats and ferrets. You can get these ‘passports’ at your local vet after the animal has been examined. The passport is to identify the animal and contains the name of the owner, a photo of the animal, its particular markings and the vaccinations it has had.

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