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is the best-known spa town in Poland, two hours south of Krakow in the Carpathian Mountains. In addition to its stunning wood and brick architecture, the spa has one of Europe's most beautiful pump rooms with an indoor promenade, winter garden and theater complex. Treatments are available for maladies such as diabetes and blood diseases, while the Eris Spa, connected to Eris cosmetics, features a pool, sauna and fitness center.

Locator: 100 miles south of Krakow


in southern Poland, is a spa town catering to coronary disorders. Located in a 50-acre Spa Park are five sanatoriums, including one specializing in cardiology; the Malachowki Palace is the most popular spa treatments facility. Cultural attractions include an annual carnival of folk traditions (January) and the International Piano Festival (August).

Locator: 20 miles from Lublin


south of Torun in central Poland, is a region of pine forests and meadows; the spa attracts guests with respiratory, rheumatic or cardiovascular ailments. The spa dates to the 19th century when rich thermal brine springs were discovered.

Locator: 120 miles northwest of Warsaw


lies in the Bystrzyca River Valley, surrounded by forested mountain slopes and flowering park landscapes. The qualities of the spa's mineral springs have drawn spa-goers here for therapeutic treatments since the 19th century. Treatment specialties are circulatory and digestive system disorders.

Locator: 70 miles southwest of Wroclaw

Duszniki Zdroj

Started in the 18th century, the health resort lies in the picturesque Bystrzyca Dusznicka Valley and is known not only for its healing-power waters but its cultural life, including an August Chopin festival.

Locator: 80 miles southwest from Wroclaw, at the Czech border

Kudowa Zdroj

in the Sudety Mountains, known for its mineral springs since the 17th century. Boasting Lower Silesia's largest sanatorium and pump room, other facilities in the health resort include a running track, a pool, tennis court, fitness center, and an enormous room of drinking and bathing water.

Located on the Czech-Polish border, 90 miles southwest of Wroclaw


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