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Can a child, one and a half years old, climb Śnieżka? Yes of course. In the Park Kowary there are miniature scale models of the Observatory on Sniezka and miniatures of the castles and churches of Lower Silesia. When your toddler grows up, he or she might just want to see all those places they climbed at their real size!

Poland is very friendly place for young travelers. Kindergardens have dwarf tracking events (Wrocław), taming dragons (Krakow) or ask Bieluch (Whitey), the friendly ghost to make your wish come true (Chelm). A visit to the ruins of the Krzyztopor castle in Ujazd is an excellent opportunity to … improve your mathematical skills! This gigantic palace had 365 windows (the number of the days in a year), 52 rooms (the number of weeks in a year), 12 ball rooms (months) and 4 towers (the seasons).

Slowinski Park Narodowy (Slowinski National Park) is a place taken straight out of children dreams about a huge sandpit, and walking here seems like traveling through the desert. In the Jurassic Park in Baltow you can take a trip in time and meet a dinosaur … face to face!

You will never get bored in the Suwalski Landscape Park. There are too many things to do: sail on the Hańcza Lake, watch the sunrise from the viewing platform in Smolniki, conquer the Jacwieskie settlement on Castle Mountain, the Polish Fujiyama – the Yew Mountain and listen to legends of trolls from Rutka.

In the Game Park in Kadzidlowo or in the deer farm in Kosewo you can take a stroll with the animals. Feed the goats. Give an apple to a deer. There is a safari zoo in Swierkoicn where visitors can drive between the zebras and camels and curious ostriches look through your car windows.

Taking a boat ‘across the grass’ is a must during the summer! It takes 11 hours to complete the Elblag-Ostroda Canal route, so if your time is short you can return with the shorter trip and the next boat back. Children really like the gentle Krutynia and Biebrza rivers where you can sail on a raft, in a tent.

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