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This miner's housing estate comes from the beginning of 20th century. 
One of rhe best maintained military buildings from the times of kingszip of Kazimierz Wielk (Kazimierz the Great). The castle was built in the Middle Ages but its present appearance is a result of renovation in years 1870 - 1876. Bielsko Biala is a city with population of 177 000, which serves its visitors plenty of interesting attractions. This theater was built in years 1889-1890 and was patterned on buildings from Vienna and Budapest Built between 1870 and 1872, previously Orthodox church. The interavtive Museum of Brewery in Tychy despite taking you through the history, lets you also visit the plant and taste the well-know beer made in there. One of the Slask big cities with Middle Ages rootes. The city hall is located in city center, just like in all Polish cities with old traditions.