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Poland is a large central European country located to the south of the Baltic Sea, bordered on the west by the River Oder with the River Vistula running through the center of the country. The population, over 38.5 million strong, occupy an area of 312,000 square kilometres. An abundance and variety of nature, historical monuments, and a respect for traditions, intriguing modern times, and hospitality are some of the elements which make our country very interesting for foreign visitors. The emergent modernity of contemporary Poland moves forward with full respect and consideration for the traditions and tile cultural differences of its regions.

Poland's national emblem is a white eagle with a golden crown on a red background. The national flag is white and red. The people of Poland use the Polish language. Its capital and the largest city is Warsaw, which has a population of over 1,700,000 and is located upon the longest Polish river, the Vistula. The major Polish cities include Kraków, Gdańsk, Katowice, Łódź, Poznań, Szczecin, and Wrocław. Poland is divided administratively into voivodships (16), counties and communes.

The Polish landscape is very diversified. The south contains the Carpathian and Sudeten Mountains. The Lowlands and Uplands stretch across central Poland. The northern part of the country with its Masurian and Pomeranian lake lands has its well forested, rolling hills, dotted with thousands of lakes and further north we have the sandy beaches on the Baltic coast.

Our eventful history and central location in Europe, where religions and the influence and authority of many nations have met over the centuries, has made Poland a country that intrigues and fascinates visitors with its material and spiritual culture. The larger Polish cities are tile main destination for many travelers. These cities possess a wealth of historical monuments, are host to prominent artists and offer a variety of cultural events. Polish cities are also visited by business people, and of course shoppers, sometimes playing the role of an appealing stopover for these travelers on their way to other parts of Europe

A Tour of Poland is an essential requirement today for an understanding of modern Europe. The hospitality at welcoming pensions and five star hotels, campsites, mountain refuges and youth hostels, riverside yachting marinas, golf courses and many other quality facilities and all manner of recreational leisure activity awaits all those who have chosen Poland as their destination. Welcome to Poland.


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