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Windsurfing and kitesurfing


The Polish record for speed gliding, almost 62km per hour, was set on Puck Bay near Szczecin. To achieve this you need to be an advanced windsurfer. For those amongst you who are mere beginners, an hour with a qualified instructor is enough to teach you how to stand on a surfboard, how to set off from the shore and make it back by yourself safely.

It is best to take your first steps on the surfboard in shallow waters. The learning process is less painful when you land in waist deep water. The best conditions can be found in the shallow waters of the north-eastern shore of Sniardwy Lake and on Puck Bay, near Chalupy, Kuznice or Jurata. Windsurfer beginners also like Lake Sarbsko in Leba and Lake Miedwie near Szczecin. There are vast shoals here as some go as far as 200 meters from the shore into the lake.

Novices should choose licensed schools, which have professional qualified instructors. All required equipment can also be rented from the schools. The licenses are given out by the International Association of Water Sports and the Polish Association of Board Surfing.

The experienced surfer needs only the wind and an open stretch of water to gather speed to be happy. Real enthusiasts claim that a one-and-a-half kilometre long lake or an open bay is sufficient. Zegrzynski Bay, where the Polish medallist Wojtek Brzozowski once trained, almost all of the artificial lakes in southern Poland, the lakes in the Warmia and Masuria district or the Drawsko and Kaszubia regions are all dotted with sails during the season.

The windsurfers in the Lubuskie Lake District are also well organised, the elongated shape of the rivers allows incredible speeds to be achieved. If the weather permits, a New Year's party on surfboards takes place on Nieslysz Lake. During winter the frozen lakes are used by ice-yachts and ice-boards.

Kite-surfing requires more space and is therefore performed only in a few locations in Poland like Zegrzynski Bay, Vistula Bay and Puck Bay, where a separate Kite Zone has been created so the kite-surfers do not collide with windsurfers.

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