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Knight’s Picnic - Kliczków Castle


General information

  • Facility type: Tourist events


  • Date: 2015-05-01


  • Organizer: Zamek Kliczków
  • Locality: Osiecznica
  • House No: 8
  • Phone: +48 757340700
  • Fax: +48 757340703
  • email:
  • Website:

May is a special month of the year, during which the nights arrive to Kliczków, who represent the most prominent families. Every year in Kliczków Castle there is organised the Knights' Picnic.

Tournaments have permanently etched into the landscape of the palace. The clash of swords, pounding of horses' hooves, shining armour, competitions and demonstrations will take you to the distant times of dragons, princesses, wizards, armed crusades and brave knights. The event is accompanied by river rafting on Kwisa river, in which every year participate both children and adults. During the Knights' Picnic the youngest ones participate in vocal, sport and dancing competitions, as well as in art classes.

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str. Kliczków 8

Province: dolnośląskie

+48 757340700

Latitude (Y):
N 51° 20' 13.0446"
Longitude (X):
E 15° 25' 59.397"