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wiercica valley biking

Buses, trams, the Metro or taxis are not the only means of transport to take visitors on sightseeing trips around a city, especially around the historic centres. Some Polish cities also offer more unconventional modes of transport.

Poland by bicycle
Cycling along with hiking is one of the best ways of visiting and discovering Poland. For a successful cycling tour of Poland there are, however, some preparations to be made before starting out. An expedition into picturesquely located suburban areas is an excellent pastime for whole families. Cycling is one of the most popular forms of recreation in Poland today with cycling trails often running through forest lands. Many towns have cycling circuits around the more interesting parts near a town. EuroVelo has many trails around Poland. In Tourist Information Offices you will find more about the possibilities of visiting a region on your bicycle and there you will be able to buy specialist maps and guides about cycling in the region.

Having decided on a cycling holiday remember that you have to put your bicycle in the baggage wagon of the train. If there is no wagon of this type you have store your bicycle at the end of a wagon, trying not to block the exits.

In town there might be a problem with public transport and your bicycle. This is a problem with city or town buses. Bus drivers do not like to take cyclist with all their equipment, and in any case there is little room for bicycles on a bus.

Cyclists in Poland should wear a helmet. They should also have special insurance and carry with them a mobile phone for all events. When leaving your bicycle unattended outside a shop, for example, please leave it securely chained up.

Hitch hiking
Hitch hiking is still one the most interesting alternative ways to travel. It is for communicative tourists interested in the country and is a way of getting to know the people of the country. As long as you follow the common sense safety rules there should be no problems.

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