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Horse riding


Horse riding has a long tradition in Poland. The Polish Equestrian Association in Warsaw (Ul Lektykarska 29, Tel. +48 22 639 32 40) lists around 400 registered clubs and a large number of riding schools. Many of the agro-tourism farms also offer horse-riding facilities. Recreational horse riding and "holidays in the saddle" are widely offered by tour operators. Horse drawn carriage rides in the summer and sleigh rides in the winter are a great way to experience Poland's countryside.

Horseback tourism is a popular form of recreation with many tour operators offering a day-long or longer duration excursions along designed horse riding trails. The longest and most beautiful ones will take visitors across the mountain scenery of the Beskid Mountains and Krakow-Czestochowa Jura (600 and 250 km respectively). It may be conveniently combined with architectural sightseeing, since many horse riding clubs have premises located on the historic estates and in the country mansions, like the 400 year-old Odrowaz Palace in Chlewiska, Maria Walewska's 18th century palace in Walewice or the palace in Kurozweki.

Of particular interest are the stud farms in Janow Podlaski for their thoroughbred Arab breeds, the draught horses from Ketrzyn, the Hutsul horses from around Gladyszow as well as those in Ksiaz near Walbrzych, Boguslawice, Czerniejewo, Kozienice, Racot, Lack or Sierakow.

Poland also has horse riding centres specialising in rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. Many of them are members of the Polish Society of Hippotherapy in Warsaw (Ul Nowoursynowska 100, Tel. +48 22 593 19 00).



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