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Shrek and Fiona (Shrek i Fiona)

..." I wanted to get some rest in a beautiful high-class spa that wouldn’t cost me a fortune. I went to Poland and soon realised that the people there really understand our Irish character. This is probably what made us feel so welcome. We were able to relax like never before and tried a number of modern spa treatments at our exceptionally comfortable hotel. The country offers countless attractions. We promised ourselves to come back to Poland, making sure to bring our friends next time. "


There is an abundance of spas, springs, reservoirs and 44 health resorts in Poland thanks to the wealth of natural resources in a multitude of forms. Mineral mud pools and springs are complemented by Poland's mild and pleasant climate. Both the body and the spirit recover effectively in this optimal environment which is usually situated away from industrial clamour. There is more information available by visiting 



All Polish sanatoriums and spa resorts offer a very high standard of service and are on par with their other European counterparts. Health and beauty are devotionally cherished in Poland. Renew yourself in Poland.

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There are 44  health resorts in Poland – modern and tranquil.


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