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There are places in Poland where children pull away from their parents as fast as they can.  The places, from which to draw strength for the return is required, with some type of special magnet.  A thunderstorm with lightning is required to remove children from fairytale lands, rather than just rainfall.

Although Disneyland in Poland is just at the planning stage, little Poles will not get bored!  In the Land of Fairytales in Zator near Oswiecim, dinosaurs live next door to Santa Claus, which experts say is the real one which you can tell from his boots, but keep it quiet for it is a secret, and Zator will soon be the home of Roman gods and heroes.  The Mythology Park opened in 2012.  During a cruise on a lake in Zator everyone can participate in exciting events like the war between the gods and the giants and the search for the Golden Fleece.  We will push a giant, one-eyed Cyclops into the depths of Tartarus like the brave Uranus.  We will have a chat with the mighty Zeus wielding a thunderbolt in his hand from the forge of Hephaestus. Pegasus and Icarus with his father Daedalus will fly over our heads, but hopefully not too close to the sun!

In winter visitors are welcomed by the village of Santa Claus.  During an extraordinary journey along the paths of legends and myths we encounter characters from fairytales.  Twice a day there is a parade of heroes from well-known stories among the thousands of coloured lights. There is a paddock of exhausted reindeer next to Santa Claus’s house.  Everyone is amazed by the living nativity scene, the giant Christmas tree and the stellar launcher.  After watching the 5D movie and receiving some training from the elves, we stand for a souvenir photo with Santa Claus and receive a special certificate.

The Dinosaur Park has a museum of skeletons and fossils and also a skeleton of Poland's largest

Yangchuanosaurus which is 9 metres long from the tip of its nose to the end its tail.  In the summer there is a Water Amusement Park in Zator with carousels and go-carting on the water.

In Rogowo on Paluki, in the lost wilderness among the woods, between Gniezno and Bydgoszcz, is Zaurolandia.  This is the largest dinosaur park in Poland and a place where everyone’s dreams of time travel come true.  Among the horrific antediluvian reptiles that live here is a huge diplodocus and a menacing Tyrannosaurus Rex, while pterodactyls can often be seen flying overhead.  For those that have not been completely exhausted by a visit to Zaurolandia, there is also cycling and sailing equipment available.

Real dinosaurs lived near Kielce.  Today, the famous JuraPark in Baltow by the Kamienna River reveals the secrets of a lost world of prehistoric animals.  Already there are 70 life-size dinosaurs in Baltow and new ones are introduced every year.  Not everyone can boldly pass Poland's largest Seismosaurus, measuring 50 metres from nose to tail.  A path in the JuraPark takes us through the consecutive geological periods of the Earth, from the Cambrian Era until the emergence of Neolithic man.  From here, it is not far to "Zydowski Jar" where thanks to the knowledge obtained at the JuraPark, we will easily recognize real dinosaur footprints.  Apart from the JuraPark, it is worth visiting the Baltow Zwierzyniec (Zoo) where it is possible to see many species of animals from different continents.

The Kamienna River near Baltow creates a picturesque gorge.  There is organized rafting among the Jurassic limestone cliffs, where the lush riverside vegetation, the animals and the birds enhance the picturesque scenery around the village of Baltow.  The starting point of the trail is at the Gierczakowka Marina.  Two rafters, perfectly controlling the twelve-seater raft, will entertain visitors with legends about Baltow.  During the ride, we should be vigilant and try to spot the rare beaver or kingfisher, as well as the white and black storks and the gray herons.  The rafting trail ends at the jetty by the mill which is just a few steps away from the dinosaurs.

If it is a safari you are looking for, there is only Swierkocin!  Near Gorzow Wielkopolski there is a safari park with access for cars, where on 20 hectares of land, divided into the areas, America, Asia, Africa and Mongolia, wild animals live freely.  There are no cages here and the park is visited in a special bus or in your own car.  You need to be wary of free-running antelopes and Nile waterbucks, feeding ostriches, zebras and blesboks as well as resting camels.  Honking your horn is not permitted as the animals are at home and we are the guests.  The zoo also has a pedestrian area where we can meet delightful meerkats, colourful birds and mischievous monkeys as well as dangerous lions and wild dingo dogs.  In a separate mini zoo, children can pet or feed a donkey, a pig, an alpaca or a goat.

In Wymyslow, in the Tuchola Forest is a Red Indian village.  This extraordinary place, which has existed since 2000, is the Museum of Native North American Indians and is dedicated to Sat-Okh (Long Feather) originally called Stanislaw Suplatowicz, who was half Indian and half Polish.  In the collections of this extremely original and most interesting museum are objects from everyday Indian life, colourful costumes as well as warfare and ritualistic accessories.  True Polish Indians also live in the village.  The put their tepees up on the picturesque forest glade, regardless of the season and are also very hospitable.

In Kielce on Wolnosci Square, in an old building that once housed the Landau Halls, there is currently an enchanting place that occupies the considerable space of 631 square metres.  It is Poland's only Museum of Toys and Play

( with a collection that will interest both the young and the old.  Everyone will feel like a child again whilst looking at the historical and contemporary toys from around the world and the ethnographic curios, trinkets and rattles.  In the hall there is a toy shop where visors can obtain the most essential things.  Everyone will eagerly enter the Bedtime Museum in Rzeszow, where the hosts are Jack and Agatha and in the museum we can meet Uszatek the Bear and his friends.  Who can say they do not like them?

At Inwald near Wadowice we can see the whole world in a nutshell.  At the Miniature Park, we will take an amazing trip around all of the wonders of the earth.  While standing by the statues on Easter Island, just take one step to find yourself by the Coliseum in Rome.  Visitors should also be careful not to get lost in the Green Labyrinth.  The Labyrinth is now one and a half metres high and is still growing (hedge).  A navigation point for anyone lost in the maze is located on a viewing bridge where parents can play the role of a GPS.


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