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Want to have fun? No problem at all. Especially that the possibilities are varied and vast. Modern cinemas and also those with a long tradition, bowling alleys, car racing tracks and entertainment centres all guarantee top class and the best quality entertainment.

The Poles have become used to multiplex cinemas, a dozen or so different screens in air-conditioned cinemas. The first one in Poland was built 8 years ago in Poznan. The picture and sound is of the highest quality and the repertoire consists of the latest films from around the world.

Enthusiasts of adventure cinema in the old-fashioned sense can go to the so called studio cinemas such as "Muranow" and "Luna" in Warsaw, "Kino pod Baranami" in Krakow or "Amok" in Gliwice, which show films like those directed by Pablo Almodovar or those made in Taiwan. They also organise reviews, festivals and night-long film screening marathons. The classical works of cinematography are regularly screened by the "Iluzjon" Cinema in Warsaw, the representational cinema of the National Film Library, located in a unique rotunda from the 1950's.

There are also 3D IMAX cinemas, screening breath-taking productions, which you can only be watched through special glasses. One of the most modern big-screen cinemas is in Warsaw. The IMAX in Katowice links entertainment with education, cooperating with the Silesian University and the Planetarium in Chorzow.

Modern entertainment centres can now be found in all the larger cities offering different amusements, all under one roof. Most of them are near the large shopping centres. Visitors can try their hand at 10-pin bowling, hitting the high score in a game of darts or playing poker against a machine here to your hearts content.

The number of places where you can shoot pool is gradually increasing in Poland. Most bars now have pool tables and some also now have professional snooker tables but these require far more space.

For those who like an adrenaline rush are recommended a try a climbing wall or visit one of the many go-kart tracks that have sprung up. According to unanimous opinion of those who have tried this racing recently the mechanical state of the go-karts and the quality of the circuits are now very good making the sport very safe.



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