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Sightseeing Poland on your bike is a fascinating experience – and it’s good for your health as well.

The picturesque national parks, the valleys and the cities are all worth seeing. There are excellent bike routes available in the south, e.g. from Zakopane to Szczawnica, along the Dunajec river. You can ride to Krynica then on to Stary Sącz to discover the wonders of Lower Silesia via Złotoryja, Świerzawa, and Jawor. It’s a good idea to get hold of specialised biking guides, which you can get from local bike clubs. Visiting larger cities is one thing, but you can also stay at some of the numerous farm tourism sites (called "agroturystyka" in Polish). Farmers often offer rooms for rent for the night – an unforgettable experience for anybody.

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Bicycle routes in Poland:

 Karkonosze. This part of the Sudetes Mountains is one of the most difficult areas for bike riding. Every route poses a challenge, thanks to the altitude range: between 1,600 and 3,600 ft. These routes are, therefore, only recommended for experienced bike riders. One of the best leads from Międzygórze to Śnieżnik (4,675 ft). Another is a 33 km long trail called the Kowary Bypass (near Kowary). All the routes in Karkonosze are amazing.

Rowerowa Kraina

Podkarpacie. The Podkarpacie Region is in southeast Poland. There are bike routes around the national parks in the Eastern Carpathian Mountains. These include parks in three countries: the Użański National Park (Ukraine), the Połoniny National Park (Slovakia) and the Bieszczady National Park (Poland). Be sure to visit the charming Catholic and Orthodox churches, ancient burial mounds and settlements.

 Necklace of the North. The Greenways Trail in northern Poland, also called the Necklace of the North, is 870 km long. It leads through Western Pomerania, the Tuchola Forest and Krajno Land. Along the way are many historical heritage sites, picturesque towns and protected parks. Inns serving regional dishes will fill you up after a long trip. Seek out the famous bread from Barwice.


Hanza Union Trail. This route runs along the Baltic shoreline and goes through the Wolin National Park and the popular holidays resorts of Świnoujście, Kołobrzeg, Międzyzdroje, Dziwnów and Rewal. Scenic fishing cottages abound along the way. In total, the route is approximately 260 km long.

Wolin National Park. This 50-km long route across the park on Wolin Island threads through wonderful landscapes and includes the shores of the amazing Turquoise Lake known for its dark green waters.

Wolin National Park

National Parks. Słowiński National Park is best known for its sand dunes, but when visiting this area, make sure to stop by Kluki and its Słowin Farmland Museum (Muzeum Wsi Słowińskiej). Routes in Wigry National Park are laid out around Wigry Lake. The 90 km of bike routes in Narwia National Park, on the other hand, enable you to see the backwaters of the Narew River and admire large flocks of aquatic birds.

Slovinski National Park;

Wigry National Park;

Narew National Park.

Odra River Trial. This route is 313 km long in total. It runs along the Odra River, which forms part of the border between Poland and Germany. It begins in Wrocław, and continues on along both banks of the Odra River through Głogów, Radoszyce (ferry), Chobienia (ferry), Ścinawa, Lubiąż, and Brzeg Dolny (ferry).

Oder River Trail ( (link);

Odra River Trail ( (link).

The Stork Trial. This route in the Podlasie region crosses four national parks: Białowieża National Park, Narwia National Park, Biebrza National Park and Wigry National Park. It also enables you to visit the ancient Augustów Forest and the Suwałki Landscape Park. This is a must-see for all enthusiasts of nature, plant life and rare species of birds and mammals. Unique sights, like white stork nests, are not to be missed.

The Stork Trail

Borderline Trials. The northeast of Poland, known for its beautiful forests and lakes, includes a bike route called the Suwałki Region Cycling Ring. It’s called a "ring" because the route allows you to discover the treasures along the borders of Poland and Lithuania – both the wonderful landscapes, and the hospitability of the locals. Make sure to taste regional dishes such as sękacz (layered cake), kałduny (stuffed dumplings) and zeppelins (potato noodles shaped like airships).

Border Position Fortifications Trail

Between Old Towns. The 188-km long Eagle Nest Cycling Trail starts in Cracow and leads to Częstochowa. It passes through the Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska region, with its famous hills and ravines. The altitude in this region varies between 1,000 and 1,500 ft. The name of the route relates to the ancient castles, called "eagle nests", that can be visited along the way. If you’re interested in other routes around key towns in Poland there are many options, including: Warsaw (Masovian Landscape Park – 40 km, and the Kampinos Cycling Trail – 200 km), Łódź (Arturówka – a biking loop around the town – 70 km), Gdańsk (numerous cycling trails in the Tricity Landscape Park) and the Kashubia Region (an area less than 40 km away from central Gdańsk).


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