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Businessmen, merchants and company owners, as well as companies, firms and corporations organize business meetings, receptions for customers and staff social events.  Poland presents business people with a varied and luxurious offer of meeting venues.

 With a view to organise conferences, seminars and business meetings, many hotels in Poland have prepared modern conference facilities with professional audio-visual equipment, which is important at professional meetings.  The conference rooms are equipped with multimedia projectors, sound systems, wireless microphones, video sets, electric screens, DVD players, flipcharts and visual aids.  High speed internet access is standard.  Hotels opt for the versatility of air-conditioned rooms, which facilitate the organisation of conferences and training seminars.  Most of the rooms have the opportunity to be divided into conference studios, used to conduct several separate meetings at the same time.  Hotels also offer small or micro meeting rooms or open spaces for exhibitions and presentations.

During meetings, the organisers are required to provide catering.  Hotels also take care of banquet space as well as meetings for cocktails or dinner.  Hotels greatly count on their business clients and pamper guests by offering other facilities like swimming pools, bowling, billiards, fitness centres, beauty treatments and spa facilities.

An ever wider choice for business meeting venues can be found in renovated buildings in the hearts of cities.  The main advantages of these locations are ease of travel, a large variety of available hotels and restaurants within walking distance and possibility to save time.

An attractive offer for the business is also presented by welcoming monuments, the restored castles and palaces.  The castles and palaces of Poland, as venues for meetings and conferences, are a harmonious blend of unique historical atmosphere of the historic chambers with professional and modern instrumentation, all the facilities for the audiences as well as qualified and trained staff.  Many castles and palaces are now innovative training and conference centres.  Indeed, just the meeting place, in stylish castle interiors is a large attraction.  Offers complemented with the opportunity to explore the area, rent aquatic equipment as castles are usually located close to water, and restaurants serving traditional Polish dishes in atmospheric surroundings.

Entrepreneurs who are taking their first steps in the organisation of meetings will look for assistance from professionals.  Many specialised companies have appeared which assist with the organisation of the entire meeting and take care of even the smallest details.  Specialists will take care of booking the venue, select the auditorium that fulfils the particular requirements of the meeting, ensure the presence of speakers or trainers and arrange for the catering during the event.

For companies where teamwork is important, employees are taken on team building exercises.  Poland offers a wide range of activities which support, according to psychologists, harmonious working and to strengthen ties between each person.  Hotels have are special programmes for companies whose goal is to greatly integrate teams of employees.  Apart from traditional forms of spending time such as cabarets, revues and concerts, balls and dances, organizers propose other team building events like orienteering, shooting competitions at ranges, treasure hunts, off-road rallies, paintballing, kayaking, curling, sports tournaments and helicopter flights.  Naturally, the offers of spending time may be supplemented by suggestions from the paying company.

There is an ever increasing portfolio of specialised companies offering organising trips for integration.  The core business of these companies is to organise team building events, incentive trips, picnics and other events.  The organisation of meetings by professional staff is based on knowledge and experience.  An expertly prepared trip is not a waste of money because integrated workers are more motivated, making them therefore more effective at work and having a sense of identity within the company in which the spend the best part of each day.  Trips can also be a form of bonus or award for outstanding employees.

Professional organisers of meetings and events ensure participants with an unusual sense of adventure and fun, leading to a reduction of stress.  The offers of companies organising business meetings include visits to a casino, games using GPS technology, diving, fashion shows, company picnics and many more depending on the creativity of the organisers and the expectations of the participants.

Another variable for business meetings is the catering.  Meetings over meals are an opportunity for participants to establish new relationships and renew existing ones, albeit slightly tarnished contacts.  Catering works in a situation where we have our own venue for a short conference, especially just a one day or a few hour of meeting and if only refreshments need to be served during a break in the activities.  Professionals will incorporate meals that fit perfectly into the plan of action or ensure that during banquets, seminars and business meetings the food was tasty and looked nice.  The aim of an expertly prepared banquet is to first create a situation that spontaneously prompts an exchange of views, impressions and discussion.  Of course, each menu is tailored to a customer needs which avoids mishaps like serving guests a roast pheasant if they are vegetarians.

For the independent business we recommend courses in meeting organisation which are lead by internet academies and training companies and the availability in this area is broad, both in terms of quantity and quality.  From a course, a manager will not only gain knowledge about formal organisation but also of its substance.  Orientation is invaluable in matters of how to address not only individuals but also the whole assembly, especially how to criticize or praise someone in front of everyone else.

Business needs are met in Poland in a modern and professional way. 

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