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Camping in Poland is an interesting alternative for visitors on a limited budget, or for those looking for different ways to spend their leisure time and see the sights. The standards of Polish campsites have markedly improved in recent years. Most campsites are associated with the Polish Camping and Caravanning Federation.


Polish camping sites are usually located at the most picturesque, and easily accessible spots, along the seashore, amongst lakes, next to rivers, or at the base of the mountains. Camping sites are compound, and adapted to the needs of disabled. They provide high quality services, and a chance to have a pleasant, quiet stay close to the natural environment.


Camping sites are subdivided into four categories with star ratings (four stars being the top rating). This classification considers the quality of services and convenience. Some camping sites are still classified using an older system (integer-based: 1 or 2).

Polish camping site list:

Camping sites in Poland

Polish Camping and Caravanning Federation