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All of beautiful Poland can be seen by active tourists even from the air.  We do not suggest that anyone should follow in the footsteps of the unfortunate Icarus but parachute schools welcome everyone for an adventure in the sky.  The first steps in parachute adventures are tandem jumps, or jumping while attached to an instructor.  They do not require any skills, health checks or paperwork.  Jumping in tandem allows for the comparison of one’s imagination with reality.  In the sky, soaring and free but dropping safely is fulfilling the dream of flying and freedom.

It is not necessary to present the Mecca of Polish paragliding to flying enthusiasts, the windy Zar Mountains in Miedzybrodzie Zywieckie where we can find the Albatross flying school.  Paragliding is a beautiful but also an extreme sport and beginners start with tandem flights so that they can gain some experience.  Whoever has soared to the skies on a paraglider has felt a brotherhood with the birds.

Water-lovers will appreciate Lake Zywieckie, located in the picturesque surroundings of the Beskidy Mountains, as it is popular for water sports, especially sailing and windsurfing.  All dive centres are very well equipped and it is possible to dive in the flooded dolomite mine workings, with the added attraction of mine excavating machinery at the bottom or in other bodies of water with interesting "toys" in the depths.  A rafting experience on the Dunajec River or mountain river kayaking awaits water-lovers and those thirsty for excitement as well as water parks with naturally mineralized water.  It is worth kayaking on the Lubrzanski Canoe Trail.  The Lubusz Region is conducive to relaxation by the water.  In Lubniewice there are more lakes than land, Lagow with its observation tower and trails on the shores of the lake, Dabie with its magnificent beach or Lubrza with its lake in the middle of the forest.

Sailing enthusiasts in Poland do not have the slightest reason to complain.  The most common locations are, of course, the Baltic Sea and the Masurian Lake District and Solina.  Omega class sailing today has achieved a cult status in Poland.  Many generations of sailors have taken their first steps in sailing on the popular Omega craft.  The Omega craft also fought in the war, as they were used to train the army soldiers to sail.  The modern sailor, having received his baptism at the hands of Neptune and his wife Proserpine, can raise his sails and sail of into the horizon to look for happiness.

The Small Sea at Kuznica on the Hel Peninsula is a mecca for windsurfers.  The shallow waters of the Gulf of Puck are one of the best places to learn and practice windsurfing in Europe.  A few lessons at one of the many schools in Kuznica are enough to disappear elegantly beyond the horizon on broad hulls with light sails.  A board, a sail and the wind provide the excitement and recharge our batteries to overcome the struggles of everyday life.

Golf Clubs in many Polish cities welcome golfers on their courses.  Some enthusiasts say that golf is more exciting than racing, go-carting or even extramarital affairs.  Golf has a valid code of ethics, the principles that every golfer knows and respects.  Golf courses stretch beyond the horizon, where the sky meets the azure green grass.  The tradition of playing golf in Poland was reborn in the 1990’s, but golf was already popular before 1939.  We wish everyone their green cards!

Mountain hikers will be pleased with the gondola cable car to Szyndzielnia, the summit of a mountain with panoramic views of Bielsko-Biala and the Beskidy is also a great starting point for several scenic mountain routes.  A funicular railway takes visitors to the top of Mount Zar where its slopes have become famous for staging off-road driving events.

Wandering along mountain trails we are basically going into the unknown.  We could meet anything along the way, animals, people, forests, meadows, streams or waterfalls.  On reaching the summit we discover the meaning of life which is accompanied by an incredible feeling of freedom!

The region of Opole has prepared trails, for lovers of hiking and cycling, in the Opawskie Mountains, Mount Swieta Anna and along the meandering Mala Panew River.  In cooperation with the Czech Republic, a cycle trail has been built leading from Ladek-Zdroj, through Jawornik in the Czech Republic, around Paczkow and ending on the beach at Lake Otmuchow.  The Krakow–Czestochowa Jura abounds in lovely secluded spots amongst old beech forests.  Areas of pristine wilderness lie only a few dozen kilometres from the most industrialized areas of Poland.  It is a unique region in the world, where it is possible to leave the centre of an agglomeration in the morning and spend a beautiful day in the midst of white limestone inselbergs which are broken up by green expanses of forests.  It is possible to just go and drive through the open spaces, into the distance towards the Eagles’ nests.

More and more new affiliated centres are being created in the lowlands of Poland.  Spending time outdoors in the company of such a magnificent animal as a horse is becoming more and more popular.  The occasional ride is followed by a five day horse riding safari through fields, forests and valleys.  That is sport and nature, what could be better in life?

More than 200 kilometres of natural mountain trails can be found in Ustron, Wisla, Szczyrk and Korbielow.  Jakuszycka Glade, thanks to its excellent climatic conditions, is ideal for cross-country skiing for both beginners and professionals.  The Jakuszyce Nordic Skiing Centre have prepared about a 100 kilometres of trails of varying degrees of difficulty and through a varied landscape, leading through picturesque forests and glades of the Izerski Mountains.  Cross-country skiing improves the condition and is especially recommended for women who want to lose weight.  A session of cross-country skiing and you can get a figure like a model, or just test yourself against Justyna Kowalczyk, the women’s World and Polish cross-country skiing champion.

There is no shortage of slopes for downhill skiing enthusiasts.  Kasprowy and Butorowy Wierch, Gubalowka, Lolobrygida, Golgota, Bialy Krzyz and Jaworzyna Krynicka all offer alpine conditions as do Bialka Tatrzanska and the Klodzko Valley.  Rusin-Ski in Bukowina Tatrzanska offers the most beautiful views.  Schussing down a mountain is like flying, which lifts us towards freedom.

A wide range of forms of active tourism in Poland is offered by the Polish Association of Tourism and Sightseeing.



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