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Sightseeing Poland on your bike is a fascinating experience – and it’s good for your health as well.
Hunters in Poland form a close knit brotherhood and have their own lore, vernacular language and ancient customs. As they say, they are far from being just killers, but "nature keepers", assisting in the natural balance of species. It is worth becoming acquainted with their traditions, language and customs, even if you do not want to have anything to do with actually shooting the animals.
Horse riding has a long tradition in Poland. The Polish Equestrian Association in Warsaw (Ul Lektykarska 29, Tel. +48 22 639 32 40) lists around 400 registered clubs and a large number of riding schools. Many of the agro-tourism farms also offer horse-riding facilities. Recreational horse riding and "holidays in the saddle" are widely offered by tour operators. Horse drawn carriage rides in the summer and sleigh rides in the winter are a great way to experience Poland's countryside.
Zakopane nestles at the foot of the Tatra Mountains, Poland's version of the Alps, which stretch about 50 miles into Slovakia and have peaks that reach up to 8,200 feet. The eastern Tatra Mountains make up part of the 56,800 acre Tatra National Park. The resort of Zakopane offers more than 40 ski lifts and a gondola to the top of Mount Kasprowy Wierch which is everyone's favourite mountain.
The Polish record for speed gliding, almost 62km per hour, was set on Puck Bay near Szczecin. To achieve this you need to be an advanced windsurfer. For those amongst you who are mere beginners, an hour with a qualified instructor is enough to teach you how to stand on a surfboard, how to set off from the shore and make it back by yourself safely.
In Poland, hill-walkers will find a network of some 15,000 miles of marked trails, including some of the Polish sections of the trans-European routes.
Memories of your first bungee jump, a successful paintball shootout or the killer rock you have managed to climb, remain forever. It is easy to get addicted to the adrenaline rush you can get in Poland. Why? Because Poland is an adventure in its own right!
Poland is a dream come true for kayakers. River beds paved with stones and those wonderful, twisting lakes just waiting for audacious adventurers. And for those more curious there are always the water labyrinths of Narwia and Biebrza. For the lazy, the Radunia lakes are spread out to explore in a gentler manner.There are about 150 kayaking routes and 10 000 paddle friendly lakes in Poland – nowhere in Europe will you find such a dense network of waterways. Among the most popular and best equipped (equipment rental, stores, camp sites) are those on the Czarna Hańcza, Rospuda, Krutynia, Drawa, Brda, Wda and Drweca rivers.Polish waterways are good both for long trips as well as for one-day expeditions. One day is all it takes to sail half the Raduńskie Circle or the Kowaliowy Trail in the Przemęcki Natural Park. Boatmen wait for visitors on the River Krutynia and take them down the prettiest parts of the river at a good pace and with no effort. The Dunajec has its traditional raftsmen –– called Flis –– who can take you on a breathtaking rafting excursion.If you can’t get enough emotion on the water, you can join rafting trips on the Odra, from Nowa Sol, all the way to Szczecin. Or paddle your way from Bory Tucholskie to Hamburg; the route about 900 km going through Brda, Bydgoski Canal, Notec, Warta, Odra and Laba.A kayaking excursion is a great opportunity to see historical hydro-technical sites (passing through the lock on the Augustowski Canal, a part of the Czarna Hańcza Trail, is an unforgettable experience) and through unspoiled, untamed nature. Bird watchers are particularly enchanted by the labyrinths of waterways on the Narwia and the zigzagging of the Jegrznia and Biebrza and Plocizna, fast as a mountain creek.Kayakers looking for that special, intense experience should go down one of the three true Mountain rivers, best suited for kayaking. For example the Białka running through Tatry and Podhale – horrifyingly cold, rushing, foamy and strewn with granite rocks. The Week of Wild Waters on the Dunajec and the Poprad rivers in Beskid Sadecki, in June is a mountain kayaking moment not to be missed.Click for more: www.canoe-poland.com
Winrich von Kniprode, a Teutonic Grand Master is known as the boating pioneer in Mazury. He sailed his wooden boat across the Great Lakes from the north to the south in 1379. His boat had to be carried between the lakes in those days but 400 years later the lakes were joined by canals and locks and the most popular Polish yachting waterways were created.
There are twelve championship 18 hole golf courses and nineteen 9 hole courses waiting for golfing nthusiastsin Poland. They are located in different regions of the country, in the vicinity of big cities and exclusive hotels.


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