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The railway network in Poland is well organized both in respect of convenient connections and the standard of travel. Some people have even suggested that Poland should be visited by train.

Railway travel enables you to reach most of the cities and towns in Poland. The Polish carrier is Polskie Koleje Państwowe (PKP).

Intercity, Eurocity and express trains run between the largest cities. Regional or local trains carry passengers to smaller towns and make frequent stops, so they give an opportunity to visit smaller towns and villages.

Train fares depend on the route, standard and class. Many various promotional prices are always offered. For details ask at the railway station.

All trains, except for the local ones, offer first and second class carriages. Fast trains usually carry a separate restaurant car, while long-distance trains often offer space in additional sleeping-cars.

Information about the timetable may be found at railway stations on information boards and at information desks, or at the website. Visit also RailEurope.

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